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White paper: Who owns your software and data in a public-private partnership? A deeper look at the technological aspects of a P3.

Posted by Luke Upton on Apr 25, 2018

Untitled design (31)-9“… because you’ve outsourced everything, you may be unaware of the true condition of your assets…”

With the cost of rail infrastructure projects rising at an exponential rate, public-private partnerships (P3) are increasingly being called upon to provide the finance to make these projects a reality. These partnerships are a good way to transfer risk and responsibility to the private sector, encourage innovation, and gain expertise your organisation may not have. But there are plenty of things to consider when beginning a P3. Who owns the software and data? Is it the agency? Or is it the private sector project owner? How is this data kept safe? What happens if you switch suppliers? And these are just some of the questions that need answering in an issue that rail operators and metro agencies need to factor into all their planning. 

Whoever owns the assets, it is the operator or agency who are ultimately responsible for the outcomes of the service (even if the work is contracted) – your rail passengers aren’t going to blame them if problems occur, it’s you who they see as responsible.

In response to the growing importance of this issue, we are delighted to bring you a new and exclusive White Paper, in partnership with Trapeze Group, who have been working in public transit for over 25 years, to offer some real world insights and solutions to his important questions.

Download today for free by clicking here or the image below. 

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Who Owns Your Software and Data in a P3 White Paper Contents.

 - Funding and Finance

- Are Public-Private Partnerships the Answer?

- Growing Popularity: Examples of Current P3s 

1) Denver, USA

2) Edmonton, Canada

3) Queensland, Australia

- What may you be giving up?

- So, what are you software and data options?

- Will a P3 work for your software and data needs?

"Whether it is a P3 or through traditional procurement methods, keep your current riders, and your future riders in mind."

Download and read the White Paper  

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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