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White Paper: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems: A New Approach.

Posted by Dave Songer on Oct 4, 2018

Darktrace Industrial enables organisations to de-risk their operationsIn the world of cyber security it’s a sign of the times that companies holding and protecting vital digital infrastructure are increasingly under threat from determined cyber criminals looking to find illicit access to sensitive data. And, as some of the examples that SmartRail World has reported on have proved, the effects can be damaging. From the Wannacry ransomware virus inflicted on Deutsche Bahn in 2017, which required it to pay to return operations to normal, to the San Francisco subway targeted by hackers for a $73,000 ransom a year earlier, they both serve as reminders that it’s not an option to just hope that mission-critical systems aren’t targeted.

Taking a laissez-faire attitude to security certainly isn’t an option for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), the infrastructure that underpins some of the most important utilities for any industrialised area including power stations and nuclear plants, water distribution systems and manufacturing sites. Worryingly, the pervasive nature of cyber-attacks has been felt by many of the organisations protecting this vital infrastructure, with 67% of companies having experienced at least one cyber-attack in the last year.

Helping address the balance, Darktrace Industrial has released a free White Paper detailing the system that has been co-developed by University of Cambridge mathematicians, which uses self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect and nullify threats before they get a chance to cause damage.

Darktrace Industrial - White Paper

As Darktrace Industrial explains in this free-to-download White Paper, monitoring complex networks needs to start from a complete understanding of what is normal for the unique environment, in order to recognise anomalous activity which may indicate novel vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

Download the white paper now to learn how artificial intelligence is used to defend operational environments, and how Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System can provide full visibility across your infrastructure. 

Download the Darktrace Industrial  White Paper now.


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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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