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What were the most read SmartRail World stories of 2015?

Posted by Luke Upton on Dec 22, 2015
SmartRail World Most Read
As the year comes to an end, SmartRail World Editor Luke Upton digs through the year’s stories to find the ten most popular by page views… from mega mergers, and crazy subway maps to empty Olympic rail networks and super smart rail and metro IT we’ve seen it all. Our top ten is an eclectic mix and from all over the world. What’s your favourite?  Some of my favourite features from 2015 that don’t make the top ten but I really enjoyed include: Sydney Trains sets ‘mousetrap’ to catch graffiti vandals red-handed , Is there life after rail? New uses for old stations and PTC implementation: separating the facts from the myths. A big thank you to all our readers, contributors, supporters and commercial partners for your support in 2015. We’ve grown, we’ve changed and we’ve gained a lot of new readers! And all the team here are looking forward to sharing more international stories from the world of innovative rail and metro technology in 2015!

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Luke Upton and all the team at SmartRail World.

 The 10 most read SmartRail World stories in 2015.

f_train_2New_York_Subway1. VIDEO: The 100-year-old technology still running New York's subways.

2. Which is most expensive metro network in the world?

3. Swedish trains to use Big Data to predict and prevent future delays.

4. Why have 2,500 New York subway cars been dumped in the sea?

5. 9 unique subway and metro maps from around the world.

6. Sochi rail - $8.7bn in cost, two years old and almost entirely empty.

High-Line7. VIDEO: A first look at Bombardier’s new trains for London’s Crossrail.

8. Who is buying who in this year of rail industry consolidation?

9. 11 dead following first fatal accident in high-speed TGV’s 34 year history.

10. Mega merger ahead as China’s CNR + CSR = CRRC Corporation.

Editor's Favourite: VIDEO: L.A. Underground - Safety in the Extreme (1992)

Most downloaded e-book: ASEAN Rail and Metro: Building for the Future

Thanks again! And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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