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Watch: Sydney Metro, Australia’s first driverless journey on its biggest transport project.

Posted by Dave Songer on Feb 22, 2019

Sydney MetroTransport for NSW has released a video documenting the first complete driverless metro train journey in the country, undertaken on the soon-to-be-opened Sydney Metro. It’s not a new video but it does represent an incredibly momentous piece of footage for the NSW capital and SmartRail World wanted to share it. The network is the largest public transport infrastructure project in Australia’s history and will cost in the region of £4.5 billion ($ 8.3 billion AUS) and will enter operation in a matter of months.

Construction has involved the use of five tunnel boring machines (TBM) to carve out 31 kilometres of routes under the city and Sydney Harbour to the very edge of the world-famous Opera House. The latest TBM to begin work has been named Kathleen, in memory of the one of the people who played such a vital role in the construction of the fan-roofed building, Kathleen Butler. 19,000 kilometres of train testing across the 31 stations have been completed on the new network, checking signalling, braking and acceleration and on-board systems.

According to the Transport New South Wales website, the Sydney Metro will allow for a metro train to travel every two minutes in each direction, targeting capacity of approximately 40,000 customers an hour – nearly doubling its current limit of 24,000 people in the same amount of time.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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