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Video: China builds train station using 1,500 workers and 23 diggers… overnight.

Posted by Dave Songer on Mar 2, 2018

China-nine-hours-VIDEO-frame.pngA video has emerged from China that reportedly shows the construction of a train station in nine hours, undertaken by 1,500 workers, seven train and 23 diggers. According to state broadcaster Xianhua News Agency, work began on the project at 6.30pm and was completed at 3am the following morning, though exact details of how the work was completed were not released. 

Longyan station has been built as part of the eventual 152-mile (246km) route that will link the cities Nanping and Longyan that’s due for completion at the end of 2018. Few would bet against the Chinese hitting that target, particularly if benchmarked against arguable the most impressive of all the Asian country’s achievements in rail – Qinghai Tibet Railway. The 600-mile line is 4,000 metres above sea level and traverses some of the most inhospitable parts of the world.

Explaining the reasons how Longyan station was finished in what would surely be record time, the company undertaking the work, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, explained it was thanks to workers being arranged into separate units that enabled them to undertake different tasks simultaneously. As can be seen, that process resulted in a somewhat frenetic pace. 

The latest video comes weeks after China released a three-minute time lapse video of tunnelling, which proved popular among the SmartRail World readership but caused something of a stir with some for what they perceived as outdated technology that lacked the innovation of the latest tunnel boring machines.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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