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VIDEO: What does the future of high-speed rail look like?

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jul 13, 2015

HitachiHSR_SmartRailWhat does the future of high-speed rail look like? Well, from these exclusive videos from Hitachi we can see it may well be strongly influenced by the aeronautical industry with a major focus on passenger experience and engagement. Plus, it would appear that holograms will be providing both information and entertainment. These conceptual videos have been developed following extensive user research and passenger studies and draws upon Hitachi’s expertise in delivering rolling stock for the Shinkansen in Japan and for High Speed 1 in the UK. The design draws upon key influences from existing and influential rolling and aims to look forward in time to address the needs of future passengers, providing a train that has the flexibility to grow and evolve with the needs of society. Take a look at the two videos below...

SmartMetro Incoprating the 6th Annual CBTC World Congress

The interior images and designs were first viewed by visitors at the UIC High Speed Congress last week in  Tokyo who were able to enter a fully immersive virtual reality walk-through with 3D imaging.


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