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Video of the Week: The world’s strangest and most extreme trains and locomotives.

Posted by Emily O'Dowd on Apr 21, 2017

The word 'train' comes from the old french - traLocomotives.jpghiner, from the Latin trahere 'pull, draw'. It all started in 1801 when Richard Trevithick, a British inventor and mining engineer developed the first high-pressure steam engine as well as the first full scale working railway steam locomotive in the early 19th century. Trevithick built a full-size steam road locomotive in West Cornwall which he named the ‘Puffing Devil,’ and it is widely recognised as the first demonstration of transportation powered by steam. It successfully carried six passengers to the next nearby village travelling at a speed of 8 km/h (5mph). This week's video provides an insight into some of the most unusual trains and locomotives that have been invented ever since.



If you want to watch more of this, then take a look at part 2 and part 3! 

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Emily O'Dowd

Written by Emily O'Dowd

On graduating with a degree in English Literature at Royal Holloway University of London, Emily joined the editorial team. When she isn't writing articles for the website or interviewing experts in the industry she enjoys reading, running and sailing.

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