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Video of the Week: Siemens introduce their new light rail vehicles.

Posted by Emily O'Dowd on Jun 2, 2017

Sound Transit is expanding its partnerVideo of the Week: Siemens introduce their new light rail vehicles.ship with Siemens with an order for 30 additional light rail vehicles to power the regional transit system serving Seattle and the central Puget Sound area. The vehicles will allow Sound Transit to continue to expand their fleet, accommodate its growing ridership and specifically serve the extension projects to Federal Way and downtown Redmond. The order expands on the original contract announced in September 2016 to bring the total number of light rail vehicles Siemens will provide for the region to 152. The options order also includes a $2.5 million agreement for Siemens to provide additional spare parts as needed by Sound Transit. e new vehicles will feature a sleek appearance with a more spacious interior with additional room for passengers and will further enhance the rider’s experience through advance passenger information systems. Additionally, the vehicles will include extra space for luggage, hooks to store up to four bicycles per vehicle, and an energy efficient LED lighting system.



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