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'Understanding the key threats and trends in transport safety and security' – our latest industry guide is now published.

Posted by Dave Songer on May 10, 2018

Download now!One doesn’t need to embark on too many journeys nowadays to see how ingrained safety and security is in today’s transport networks, and rightly so considering the sophisticated, complex and in some cases, explosive threats being aimed at them worldwide. Some of these threats have been around for a comparatively long time and will be well known to those who read the papers, but what about those emerging threats that have yet to take a hold – what form do they take?

Well, that’s exactly what this latest Industry Guide from SmartRail World, issue #31, is attempting to find out, with seven chapters of features, news and insight the latest threats to rail, autonomous vehicles, freight and the aerospace industries. Published in association with our sister title, Transport Security World, the guide explores the area and attempts to add some context to transport security challenges that seemingly change and evolve from one week to the next: as soon as one threat is identified and headed off, another one crops up in its place.

Kicking off the features, SmartRail World is pleased to have Digi International on board, as the communications and technology specialist looks into the huge task ahead with the roll out of positive train control (PTC), specifically the development, installation and implementation required for the advanced train control system. Also featured are articles on the pervasive threat of cyberattacks targeting the Middle East, the security drone that takes heavy inspiration from a galaxy far, far away and an interview with someone fighting to bring the voice of true experts to the conversation around transport security, Kristina Tanasichuk.

Download: Understanding the key threats and trends in transport safety and security.

Chapter 1: How Digi International is helping railroads overcome the PTC challenge.

Chapter 2: Meet the Star Wars-inspired robot increasing security and lowering costs

Chapter 3: The tech under development to secure the autonomous vehicles of the future.

Chapter 4: Mixed signals in US rail ahead of December PTC deadline.

Chapter 5: Symantec warns of “heightened ambitions” of Iranian hackers targeting Middle East.

Chapter 6: TSA begins suicide-bomb detector tests at Penn Station, New York.

Chapter 7: The Last Word: Kristina Tanasichuk of the Government Technology & Services Coalition.

Download and read - Understanding the key threats and trends in transport  safety and security.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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