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Now accepting entries: SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2017.

Posted on Jan 20, 2017
Innovation is at the heart of our SmartRail community with our editorial focus on new technologies, ...

12 of the most amazing rail journeys from across the world!

Posted on Jan 15, 2017
Wherever you are in the world, it’s probably likely that the dreaded January feeling has returned. I...

Seven rail technology trends set to shape our industry in 2017.

Posted on Jan 11, 2017
The old Chinese phrase 'may you live in interesting times' is often used in January, and has perhaps...

Why has train surfing become a modern phenomenon for all the wrong reasons?

Posted on Jan 8, 2017
The accidental death of British free-runner, Nye Frankie Newman, 20, on the Paris Metro on New Year’...

Six of the most artistic metros in the world.

Posted on Nov 30, 2016
You might think that the underground would be the last place to find some of most high-calibre artis...

Video of the Week: Danger on one of the busiest railways in the world.

Posted on Nov 11, 2016
During rush hour, commuters come to expect busily packed stations, claustrophobic carriages and an i...

How these remarkable water taxis are aiming to make Paris commuting plain sailing.

Posted on Nov 6, 2016
“You’ve got packed roads and empty waterways in a lot of cities - there’s an obvious opportunity..."...

Video of the Week: Be amazed by the magic disappearing rail tickets.

Posted on Nov 4, 2016
Today's video shows us what happens when a magician enters the world of rail ticket sales! This quir...

Video of the Week: Upgrading a 130 year old underwater rail tunnel.

Posted on Oct 28, 2016
The Severn Tunnel is the famous underwater route that connects England to Wales. Linking South Glouc...

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