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Top 9 Highlights from SmartRail Munich 2019 - Day Two

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jun 18, 2019

day 2 smartrail munich


“To seize the opportunity of digitalisation we have opened up a cooperation with start-up Traxens on multi-modality. We are the first freight operator to enable wagons to communicate to each other using a wireless digital network.” - Ischtar El-Radhi, Project Manager and Digital Transformation, SNCF

Diversity and the skills gap

“As an industry we have so much data yet we still don’t know how best to use it so we need to attract talent that can help to unlock this opportunity. We have an image problem in rail. I would like to see rail as an interesting, lifelong career for women, not just men. I don’t care if you are a man, woman or carrot, we should be looking for skilled young professionals to join the rail industry.” - Rihanne Montgomery, Programme Manager of Rail Innovation, Innovate UK

“We don’t have a problem attracting young talent, the challenge for us is to integrate them with the older generations.” – Claudia Cattani, President, RF Italiana

Innovation panel

“Rail isn’t lagging behind other industries, in fact we are leading in innovation for instance autonomous road vehicles have a lot to learn from the rail industry. “Yes safety slows down innovation but safety is paramount and should take precedence.” – Professor Doctor Corinna Salander, Chair for Railway Vehicle Technology, University of Stuttgart

“How do we calculate value of digital innovation? There are three categories: savings, minimising risk and strategic: looking at being competitive in the future.” - Rolf Hardi, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bahn

“Free, fast wifi is like air conditioning in the car. People take it for granted and we need to deliver it.” - Rolf Hardi, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bahn

“Over the next 5 – 15 years, emerging technologies are going to change the railway like they have over the past 50 years. If we don’t innovate fast we will have no chance in competing against automated road vehicles. There are lots of innovative start-ups and we have to find new ways to integrate their technologies into our system.” - Rolf Hardi, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bahn

EIM – leveraging data to predict, detect and prevent

A best practice approach to predictive maintenance doesn’t exist yet, and probably won’t in the future -- which means that it won’t be the panacea of all of the problems of the future, but just one of the solutions of an interconnected system.” - Bardo Schettini Gherardini, Senior Advisor, EIM

Investing in new technology:

 “Yes there is the potential for shared data between user and operator to facilitate industry-wide learning, full transparency, and to avoid a blame culture.” – Rolf Hardi and Valentina Ion

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