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Top 10 Highlights of SmartRail Munich 2019 - Day Three

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jun 19, 2019

day 3 smartrail munich
Robert Nisbet, Director of Nations & Regions, Rail Delivery Group

We calculate there are currently 55 million different train fares in the UK -- it's a system of bewildering complexity and bafflement by those who use it. We want to move to a new system for customers where they pay for each leg of the journey they use -- this works for TfL, but it is difficult to transpose ticket fares from London to the rest of the country."

"We want to get rid of the cliff edge of peak/ off peak prices and smooth it out which will help operators with passenger flows. Not only will a new system of fares be good for customers but good for the planet, taking passengers away from aviation and road and onto rail, cutting C02 emissions. Airline travel is responsible for 3% of global emissions and there is a growing movement to ‘flight shame’ those who take unnecessary flights and by making rail travel easier we will nudge people into making more sustainable travel choices.”

Daniel Adamka, Chief Executive Officer, Arriva CZ

“Passengers expect free wifi and by offering this we will attract more paying customers. I get asked about why have Wi-Fi in 2020 when mobile networks are available, and that's because trains act as Faraday cages -- they have good signal inside, but limited signal outside. What would support a good Wi-Fi experience on the train is the connection to all base station on all frequencies, prioritised sim cards, and a closer cooperation with LTE operations."

Yoav Volloch, Co-Founder and VP Product Management, AiGENT TECH

"According to real data, multimodal transportation can be 30% faster and 35% cheaper than a private car for the same journey during rush hour. A multimodal platform -- if you want to make it robust and enjoyable -- should be seamless with one payment and it would take a lot of decision making out of the equation."

Mischa Van Der Haar, Business Analyst, Nederlandse Spoorwegen

"Rail travel is hugely important in the Netherlands, We have 1.3 million journeys translating to 9 million individual customers a year. The country has 17 million people, which means that more than 50% of the population uses trains."

Alessandra Berto, Innovation Program Manager, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane

"Our new industrial plan from 2019 to 2023 foresees 58 billion on investments aimed at the development of sustainable mobility and improved quality of life. The challenge for decarbonisation isn’t just technical, but also changing business models and social perception."

Jacob Teter, Energy Analyst, IEA

"Rail is one if the most efficient and lowest emitting transport mode, and its role in energy and saving the environment is underappreciated by the general public.

"The greatest potential is the shift to conventional rail in India. India is set to become a global rail leader."

Peter Van Dijk, Chief Operating Officer, Translink

"The planning is that in 2023, the technology to change completely to an account-based ticketing system will be implemented. We're upgrading terminals in the next two years, we'll have open payments accepted in the system, and then we'll move into the mobile space and all kinds of IDs will be accepted."

Liam Henderson, Founder & Chair, Rail Innovation Group

"Things like Wi-Fi, USB connectors, or power sockets might seem like optionals, but they are in fact a key requirement for some people -- particularly in business and unfamiliar journeys."

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