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Successfully Managing I.T. Change Within Rail: An Insider’s Guide – now published.

Posted by Luke Upton on Apr 20, 2018

Successfully Managing IT Change Within Rail - An Insider's Guide"… I think there will be big developments in the processing of Big Data through IoT fixed and mobile meshed gateways. We will see Autonomous ‘Anywhere’ systems become more prevalent, backed up by deep learning. The autonomous revolution in transport will all help facilitate the growth of Software Defined trains and vehicles to deliver a truly intermodal and much more efficient transportation world.”

The last decade has seen major changes in how IT is utilised within rail. Sometimes it’s been a rapid change, other times its been slow progress. But this change shows no sign of abating. This change can offer huge operational improvements, increased efficiencies and lowered costs. But there can also be challenges, as one our interviewees stated “the fast digitisation of the operational technology domain introduces unintended risk.”

We wanted to hear from those operators and solutions providers who are making these changes, and gain their insights into how they have been executed in the real world. Not just on the drawing board. And befitting a global industry we include expertise from developments around the world including Singapore, the Netherlands, Brazil and Germany.

Download: Successfully Managing I.T. Change Within Rail: An Insider’s Guide. 

Chapter 1: Exploring the technologies that ease infrastructure requirements to enable smart cities transportation options.

Chapter 2: Four developments causing major industry changes in the coming year.

Chapter 3: How only genuine innovation solves rail and metro’s biggest challenges.

Chapter 4: Leaders in Change #1: From race track to train track – Singapore MRT and McLaren allying to apply F1 tech to rail.

Chapter 5: Leaders in Change #2: Rumo and GE Transportation drive digital transformation in Brazil.

Chapter 6: Leaders in Change #3: A revolution in Germany’s rail network: the first digital interlocking in Europe.

Chapter 7: The Last Word with... Lies Alderlieste-de Wit, CISO of Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Download and read -  Successfully Managing I.T.  Change Within Rail:  An Insider’s Guide.

This industry guide wouldn’t have been possible without its sponsor, Kontron, a global leader in embedded computing technology and a pioneer in secure IoT platform solutions

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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