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SmartTransit East: Boston 2020 Advisory Board

Posted by Marcello Perricone on Nov 5, 2019

Boston Fort Point Channel water by Tim Sackton

Hot off the heels of our SmartTransit LA conference, we start our preparations for the next American event -- this time in Boston, Massachusetts. The birthplace of the American Revolution is not only a beautiful city home to over 4.1 million people, but it's also the seat of the fourth largest rapid transit system of the United States of America. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -- MBTA or "the T", and it's known locally -- serves more than half a million riders every day, transporting them throughout 53 stations spread across 3 lines around the whole Greater Boston metropolitan area.

As part of our 2020 event plans, we're kicking up the dial a notch and putting together two SmartTransit events instead of one, each on a different coast of the continental United States. For SmartTransit East, we're proudly partnering up with the MBTA and going to the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel for a three day conference, welcoming the world's greatest industry experts and decision makers in the transportation sector. As the agenda gets assembled, here's a sneak peak at SmartTransit Boston 2020's top subjects.

SmartTransit Congress, Boston, 2020

Staff Training: Training and supporting the right people for the right jobs, and how to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies

Nuclear trains: The benefits and disadvantages of nuclear locomotives versus oil ones, and how to safely predict and deal with spillages

National communication: How inter-operator collaboration can increase improve safety and alleviate stress issues (e.g. Amtrak and BNSF's infrastructure deal around running the former's passenger trains during the day and the latter's freight trains during the night)

Old World wisdom: European rail operators' best practices, and how they deliver a service for the common good

Video-based intelligence: It is predicted 5G won't be a reality in rural areas for a long time, potentially limiting workers connections. How much data is needed for efficient communications, and how do you store it?

Location, location, location: CBTC advances, passenger information systems, and real-time vehicle location data

Operations and IT: how to better bridge the divide between the two areas, and make sure they're properly working together.

Interoperability and standardisation: what's the difference?

PTC and safety: Now that most railroads are government mandate-complying, the importance shifts from implementation to effective management, including operating it in conjunction with other safety systems and CBTC.

Bigger Data: Gathering, analytics, and processing of data to measure passenger flows, capacity bottlenecks, safety issues, and more. How operators can use data to understand patterns of where fatalities and accidents are regularly happening, which services are critically overcrowded, and which areas can be relieved of stress? (e.g. RTD finding where homeless people are and helping re-house them, which reduced fatalities and decreased operational downtime)

Modernised Diversity Workforce: The image of the rail industry in the United States is that of a blue collar, male dominated place. What can be done to encourage more women to enter the workforce, and to ensure they are safe when out on site?

Mobility: The common consensus is that the industry can't compete with Uber, Lyft, and other mobility services, so how can operators deal with them to form partnerships that not only attract and keep riders, but improves the services in both segments?

Sustainability: Decarbonisation, electrification, regulation, and other environmentally concerned -ations.

Payments, fares, and more: the latest ticketing and fare developments from across the globe, including Los Angeles' new payment system ahead of the 2028 Olympics.


That's a broad, yet small peak at our agenda's top topics. For further information, to book your ticket, or to discuss the sponsoring of this event, check out our SmartTransit East: Boston website!


SmartTransit Congress, Boston, 2020

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Marcello Perricone

Written by Marcello Perricone

The Editor of SmartRail World and Transport Security World.

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