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Through original reporting, data analysis and exclusive insights, we inform and inspire those at the cutting edge of industry innovation across IT and asset management, signalling, telecommunications, passenger focussed services and more. Our news website, digital guides, social media, videos,newsletters, white papers and research engage with our 52,000+ member global community every day. 100% independent, we are where rail and metro comes to learn about the solutions, projects and developments that are shaping and disrupting our rapidly changing industry.New Call-to-action


SmartRail World has evolved to match the changes the rail and metro industry is currently undergoing. In a future where  70%+ of people live in cities, and the world’s population climbs to 10 billion, pressures on existing networks and infrastructures will need to be solved by innovative technology.


The growth of digital is disrupting all aspects of our industry from operations, signalling and train control to asset management, maintenance and security. Whilst rail companies and agencies are transforming into more efficient, commercially focussed businesses, often denationalised, cross-border and in competition with other forms of transport. Passengers demands and expectations and quickly changing, and with this brings both challenges and opportunities.

It’s not just the change that is different, it’s the pace of change. The rail industry no longer works with the mind-set of a ‘once in a generation’ upgrade. There is both the capability and expectation to deliver rapid technological developments.

To meet these challenges, new ideas, technologies and skills are needed and SmartRail World focusses on the essential business insight and resources you need to succeed.

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