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Estonia and Lithuania design tenders signal next stage of Rail Baltica network.

Posted by Dave Songer on Jan 22, 2018

Riga Central Railway Station – a future Rail Baltica Station (credit Edijs Pālēns, LETA)"We have entered the design phase of the Rail Baltica project in three Baltic states."

The introduction of new rail links in Estonia and Lithuania, part of plans to improve links between the Baltic regions and Central Europe, have been advanced following the announcement of tenders for technical designs of routes in the two countries.

Known as the Rail Baltica Global Project, designs for Estonia and Lithuania’s routes are due by January 29 and concern the lines between Pärnu and Rapla (Estonia) and Kaunas to Ramygala (Lithuania).

RB Rail AS Team at the Rail Baltica Global Forum 2017The Baltic rail project was set up with the purpose of integrating five Baltic countries with the rest of the European rail network: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and – indirectly with – Finland. When it is up and running the line will link Helsinki, Tallinn, Pärnu, Riga, Panevežys, Kaunas, Vilnius and Warsaw. The latest announcement comes after a start was made last year on the preparation of design plans for Latvia’s section of the network.

“We have entered the design phase of the Rail Baltica project in three Baltic states,” said Jean-Mark Bedmar, senior engineer of RB Rail As. Bedmar added that the tenders made up only only a few of many similar upcoming railway tenders to be carried out until 2022.

The objective of the tenders for the standard gauge passenger and freight double-track is to provide building design and design supervision services for the construction of track substructure, superstructure and also civil structures for the two lines linking Pärnu with Rapla and Kaunas with Ramygala. More information about competitions including the specification of the procurement can be found on

RB Rail As will host a live-stream press conference on the upcoming rail network on January 23 in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, where it will present the progress of the Rail Baltica project in the three countries, along with the tasks ahead for 2018.

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In related news, SmartRail World reported in March 2017 of plans to construct the world's longest undersea tiunnel, connecting Finalnd's capital, Helsinki, with Tallin in Estonia. The brainchild of the two cities' mayors, should it be given the go ahead it will lead to the construction of a 92km tunnel linking Scandinavia and Central Europe. 

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Written by Dave Songer

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