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'Tracks into the future: Digital signalling and train control' – our latest industry guide is now published.

Posted by Luke Upton on Nov 8, 2017
Download now - Tracks Into the FutureSince the very first train networks in the 19th century, signalling systems have always aimed to be safe, reliable, easily maintainable and cost effective. Those principles still remain, but now, conventional upgrades often cannot deliver the capacity required to match growing passenger numbers. And this is where digital signalling and train control can be deployed to help maximise capacity by increasing reliability, safety and reducing wait times.

Improving signalling and traffic management systems through digitisation can increase the number of trains that can operate and avoid the costly and disruptive need to build more tracks or purchase additional rolling stock. But it can also offer greater reliability, better connectivity and lower costs rather than just offering more services. These advantages can also be applied to freight as well as passenger and metro rail.

To help ensure the industry is able to take advantage of the evolution of digital signalling and train control our editorial team have spoken to a number of senior executives at rail and metro operators around the world and also sought contributions from some of the leading solutions providers in this sector for this, our 26th industry guide. 

Download: Tracks into the future: Digital signalling and train control

Editor’s Welcome.

Chapter 1: Delivering “high–tech in a simple way” on rail’s increasingly complex digital networks.

Chapter 2: ERTMS deployment still a “patchwork” across Europe, say Auditors

Chapter 3: Brand new Tube signalling successfully tested in London.

Chapter 4: Rio Tinto breaks new ground with world’s first autonomous rail journey.

Chapter 5: NCTD in California Implements Positive Train Control.

Chapter 6: Red signal faults could be reduced further thanks to Big Data software.

Chapter 7: The CBTC solution aiming to “provide truly integrated mobility for Malaysia.”

Chapter 8: The last word with… Serge Chelly, CEO, Ikos Consulting.

Download and read - Tracks into  the future: Digital signalling  and train control. 

This digital guide, the 26th in the series, wouldn’t have been possible without its sponsor, ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand whose platforms and applications help organizations of any size harness the power of new business models supporting the digital transformation in the rail and metro industry. They have a unique approach to connectivity, and this guide includes an exclusive feature on their work in our industry. 

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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