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Secure data infrastructure for critical railway operations – Free White Paper.

Posted by Dave Songer on May 13, 2019

Secure data infrastructure - White Paper from OSIsoft“This White Paper shares cross-industry experience in creating a robust security solution for critical infrastructure data monitoring and management.”

For any major industry, the preservation of infrastructure and assets is vital. Business depends on it. That’s certainly the case for rail, a critical industry where failure to implement a fully-functioning data management and infrastructure protection system won’t just result in disruption and lost revenues – at its worst it could also pose significant safety and security risks.

Thanks to the digitalised networks upon which this great industry relies, today’s rail operators have more information at their fingertips than ever before. However, with big data comes big responsibility; the range of equipment that harvests it are hugely diverse in their nature and are spread over wide geographical areas, making them ripe for cyber attack.

But how can the rail industry mitigate this significant challenge? Providing some context, SmartRail World is pleased to offer a free download of OSIsoft's latest White Paper: Secure data infrastructure for critical railway operations.

In this comprehensive document OSIsoft, the company which counts SNCF and Prorail among its clients, explains how the integration of informational and operational technologies are capable of supporting mission-critical processes – from communication-based train control and building management, to passenger information systems and cloud and IoT platforms.

And it’s not just theory, @OSIsoft gives evidence of how it has put its approach into practice, with a case study of the work it undertook for Société de transport de Montréal (STM @stminfoto install robust architecture to capture data from fixed station assets. The arrival of the end-to-end system for the Canadian operator – which involved integration with Waterfall Security (@WaterfallSecure) systems technology – sends information direct to workers with “near-to-no data loss”. Quite a feat.

It’s an insightful body of work that not serves to demystify the process of protecting modern rail assets that draws on OSIsoft’s 38+ years of experience. Click the button below to get your very own copy.

Click here to download the OSIsoft White Paper now


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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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