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An insider's guide to protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats - published today.

Posted by Luke Upton on Mar 30, 2017

Protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats - Cover Top.jpg“One morning, you get a message flashing up on a screen in a control room demanding $200,000 or the train will be derailed. And then you pay.This is how serious the threat is. And I know of at least one incident similar to this.”

What connects the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency with the Democratic National Committee in the USA, London’s Barts hospital, the Bundestag in Germany, the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and thousands of other businesses both large and small? They were all victims of cyber-crime in 2016. The past year has seen a significant rise in cyber security breaches, and rail and metro operators are increasingly being targeted. They are vulnerable to losing control of three key areas; the operational aspect of the trains themselves, fare collection systems and the increasingly large amount of data being harvested be it of a technical, financial or personal nature. And the rapidly increasing digitisation of all these aspects is accelerating the opportunity for cyber criminals. If access to mission critical and safety systems is compromised, the results could be fatal.

This is an area of the industry where intelligence is crucial, and with our readers increasingly concerned, we spoke to a host of experts and have today published our first industry guide dedicated to the subject, Protecting Rail & Metro From Cyber Security Threats, to help support rail and metro operators from around the world to ensure they can keep pace with the cyber criminals. Read today for free. 

Download and read: Protecting Rail and Metro From Cyber Security Threats.

Guide Chapters:  

  • Waterfall Security’s Lior Frenkel on cyber threats to the rail industry.
  • Walls don’t work! Why a change is needed in rail industry thinking about cybersecurity.
  • Expert Insights - Jonathan Risto, Community Instructor, SANS.
  • How hackers breached San Francisco’s transit system and demanded a $73,000 ransom.
  • More Than 75% of Crypto Ransomware in 2016 Came From the Russian-Speaking Cybercriminal Underground.
  • Terror train wreck threat from new rail signal system – security specialist.
  • And more… 

Click here to read the digital guide - Protecting Rail and Metro From Cyber Security Threats

This guide offering you insights into cyber security strategy wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and support from our partners Waterfall Security whose mission is to revolutionize the way industries protect their physical assets and processes from cyberattack and RazorSecure who was founded in 2014 to address a key gap in the cyber security market. 

We’d also like to thank the industry experts at Alcatel-Lucent, SANS INSTITUTE and ELERTS for their support.

Our next digital guide is: The evolution and future of transit Wireless Communications - published week commencing 8th May - contact us today if you'd like to feature.

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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