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Video of the Week: How is Trenitalia using the Internet of Things to transform their high-speed fleet?

Posted by Emily O'Dowd on Jul 14, 2017

Video.jpgThanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), digital technology has transformed the way railway operators control train functions. Italy’s Trenitalia is looking to the future by using new technology for their high-speed fleet. Sensors combined with IoT solutions allows Trenitalia to provide its customers a more efficient and reliable service to save maintenance costs by 8-10 percent. Great new IoT use cases are possible to further improve operational efficiency, passenger experience and the operators’ return on investments. Legacy infrastructure is gradually being replaced by train management systems in which trains become interconnected communication hubs, transmitting data among themselves and to network control centres and receiving instructions from control centres.


Our last video of the weekHow to improve railway track design.

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