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Smarter asset management for a more efficient rail network - our latest industry guide is now published.

Posted by Luke Upton on Feb 6, 2018

Smarter asset management for a more efficient rail network - industry guide. “…this new approach to maintenance limits the impacts on traffic, helps us better anticipate incidents and improves our asset management by being able to define and adjust degradation curves, and capitalize on asset knowledge to define new processes.” - Stéphane de Paris, Chief Data Officer of SNCF Réseau.

This quote from M. de Paris, is taken from our opening chapter and illustrates perfectly the potential for developing this approach. An effective asset management programme when executed well can upgrade performance, improve safety and offer greater value for capital investments. It can also encourage new ways of thinking and business and operational models. A full and accurate knowledge of all infrastructure assets, where they are located and what condition they are in, is now essential to effectively manage a modern rail or metro network.

However, it is not always this simple; obsolescence, outdated operating systems, database issues, security challenges, financial shortcomings and the skills gap are just some of the challenges that can limit efforts to ensure that asset management is the principle tool in delivering an efficient rail network

So to further support rail and metro’s further engagement with this approach to working we have spoken to leading experts and practitioners from around the world from both transport agencies and solutions providers to help you improve, develop and maximise the potential of modern asset management solutions in our 29th industry guide, brought to you in partnership with OSIsoft.

Download now: Smarter asset management for a more efficient rail network

Chapter 1: How using operational data is enabling a French revolution in future maintenance for SNCF.

Chapter 2: Asset management in rail: cognitive computing.

Chapter 3: Chennai Metro’s problems to be aided by better asset management.

Chapter 4: Amtrak partner up to use ‘digital twins’ to redefine infrastructure asset management.

Chapter 5: Railroads Turn to Predictive Analytics to Conquer the Last Frontier: Downtime.

Chapter 6: The Last Word With … Marcelo Bravo, Director, Rail Solutions, Trapeze Group.

Download and read -  Smarter asset management  for a more efficient rail network. 

This industry guide wouldn’t have been possible without its sponsor, OSIsoft, a leading global supplier of application software for operational data management. And we are fortunate to gain insights from both the OSIsoft team and from some of their partners for this guide.

To see what else we have scheduled for publicaiton in 2018, see our Editorial Calendar. 

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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