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Posted by Emily O'Dowd on May 14, 2017

At SmartRail WorldDownload_the_ASEAN_Rail_and_Metro__Maximising_the_Potential_digital_guide.png we want to bring to our readers the most up-to-date and specialised information across the global rail and metro industry. We are proud to continue bringing you regular industry guides which focus on the hottest and most in demand topics. Through original reporting, data analysis and exclusive insights, we inform and inspire those at the cutting edge of industry innovation across IT and asset management, signalling, telecommunications, passenger focussed services and more. Each guide provides the specific answers to your challenges from a range of operation and solution providers, along with exclusive expert interviews which aren’t to be missed! With a portal of 26 industry guides we hope you enjoy, download and learn more about these specialised areas. Our latest 2017 guides focus on: the digital passenger, data performance and cyber security threats.

Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger.jpgKeeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger 

The typical expectations of a rail passenger have changed significantly in recent years. While the old certainties of the train being on time, tKeeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger.jpghe ticket being at a reasonable price and finding a seat remain, the digital passenger of 2017 demands more. For rail and metro operators, this digital revolution offers a huge opportunity to boost ridership – to use but one example studies have proved that operators that offer Wi-Fi are viewed more positively than ones that don’t. An enhanced on-board passenger experience improves customer loyalty, and gives trains a stronger position against other forms of transport, in particular the car. Ticketing sales can be more dynamic, targeted and better connect with passengers. Digital platforms also offer exciting new commercial opportunities from innovative advertising to paid on-board content and services and fresh partnerships with tech companies.

This digital guide features contributions from MBTA, LILEE Systems, Transport Focus and COMLAB, as well as features about the 5 key technology trends shaping the journeys of the future and smart ticketing in Germany and New York and more! 

Using Data to Enhance Rail and Metro Operational Performance

Management consulting firm McKinsey calls Big Data ‘the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity’ and the rail industry is now, in its own way, committed to exploring its full potential. The digitisation of the industry we’ve seen over the past decade has accelerated these changes and offers huge potential to improve rail and metro operational performance. The challenge is being able to access this data, interpret it and make actionable and positive decisions based upon what it tells us. So to further help the industry take advantage of the data revolution we have spoken to leading experts and practitioners from around the world from both rail and metro operators, key consultants and solutions providers.

An insider's guide to protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats

Cyber Security Cover.jpgWhat connects the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency with the Democratic National Committee in the USA, London’s Barts hospital, the Bundestag in Germany, the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and thousands of other businesses both large and small? They were all victims of cyber-crime in 2016. This is an area of the industry where intelligence is crucial, and with our readers increasingly concerned, we spoke to a host of experts and have today published our first industry guide dedicated to the subject, Protecting Rail & Metro From Cyber Security Threats, to help support rail and metro operators from around the world to ensure they can keep pace with the cyber criminals.

To find out more about our digital guides and how you can contribute or partner with them please contact a member of the SmartRail World team here for a no obligations discussion of how we can work together. To see what we are publishing in 2017 click here. 

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Emily O'Dowd

Written by Emily O'Dowd

On graduating with a degree in English Literature at Royal Holloway University of London, Emily joined the editorial team. When she isn't writing articles for the website or interviewing experts in the industry she enjoys reading, running and sailing.

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