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Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2017

 Why have we launched this Rail & Metro Innovation Guide? 

Since launching SmartRail World in 2013, we’ve regularly been asked who has been supplying the technology in our stories and how best people can get in contact with them. We are proud to have put several operators and solutions providers in contact who are now working together on some very exciting projects. 

Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2017

With these enquires in mind, the demand for new solutions growing, and with one of our key aims being to help foster technological engagement across the industry, we are proud to launch the first Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2017, a comprehensive annual resource containing the leading service and technology suppliers to the global rail and metro industry.

Whether your focus is IT Solutions, Signalling & Train Control, Rolling Stock, Passenger Service & Ticketing, Infrastructure & Construction, Professional Services & Consultancy or Safety & Security this is the Guide for you. 

The Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2017 is more than just a list of companies. Designed for senior executives, managers and procurement officers, this high-quality publication will be a valuable reference tool for all working in rail technology. Divided into chapters focussed on key areas, it’s designed to enable rail professionals to search quickly and easily for the supplier or service required and then contact them directly. We published the 2017 edition on September 7th 2016.


The Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2018 will be published on 4th September 2017. To learn more and request your company be featured: Eric.Hewitson@GlobalTransportForum.com  or call + 44 (0) 20 7045 0915.