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Project Focus: Melbourne Metro Rail (construction begins 2018).

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Aug 11, 2015

Melbourne_tunnel“If we don’t build Melbourne Metro Rail, our city will eventually grind to a halt."

Today SmartRail World is in Melbourne, Australia's fastest growing city, where the population is expected to almost double by the year 2050. Melbourne's public transport system needs to grow with it to maintain the liveability and prosperity and the new Melbourne Metro rail tunnels will unlock the centre of the train system, enabling major improvements in capacity, reliability and frequency of services across the busiest train lines. With work having begun in February 2015, the Melbourne Metro Rail Project is the key to the future expansion of Victoria's rail network, enabling transport system to grow as the cities population does.

Jacinta Allan, Minister for Public Transport in Victoria on the project, one of Australia’s largest ever infrastructure developments: “If we don’t build Melbourne Metro Rail, our city will eventually grind to a halt. This project unlocks our rail network and unblocks the City Loop, allowing 20,000 more people to catch the train at the busiest times. We’re getting on with it, starting geotech investigations on Swanston Street and ramping up community engagement. I encourage everyone to jump on the website, have a chat with the Melbourne Metro Rail team at a pop-up session and find out more about why this project is so important to our train system, our city and our future.”

The Melbourne Metro Rail Project will:

  • increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of Melbourne's busiest train lines
  • allow for 20,000 more passengers to use the metropolitan rail network in the peak hour
  • improve access to public transport by building five new inner city stations
  • employ more than 3,500 people during peak construction
  • improve access to employment, education and opportunity in Melbourne's growth areas
  • ease congestion on the busy St Kilda Road/Swanston Street tram corridor
  • reduce road congestion
  • pave the way for future expansion of Melbourne's public transport network
  • help to keep Melbourne as one of the world's most liveable cities

2015 - 2016

  • Site investigations
  • Complete project Reference Design development
  • Community consultation
  • Planning and environmental approvals
  • Update business case


  • Finalise planning and environment approvals
  • Procurement for major construction contract
  • Early works before major construction


  • Award major construction contract
  • Start major construction works

For more on the project:


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