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TransLoc and Google collaborate to deliver free transit information on Google Maps.

Posted by Emily O'Dowd on Aug 2, 2017

TransLoc and Google collaborate to deliver a free transit information on Google Maps.The transportation technology provider TransLoc, has announced that a new partnership with Google to provide accurate transit information. The new web application will enable all transit agencies to make real-time data accessible on Google Maps for free. Google Maps will be borrowing data from TransLoc’s Architect software which is a free and accessible web application for transport operators of all sizes to manage and share transit data. It is hoped that this partnership will allow TransLoc to manage larger volumes of real-time information for operators.

"With more robust information, smart cities can harness Architect to develop community-based transit options such as on-demand microtransit services."

Through the software TransLoc ( @TransLoc can manage the creation and maintenance of static transit data for applications such as routes and stops called General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) information. GTFS and real-time information is often an expensive software and labour intensive for transit agencies so TransLoc is creating a simplified platform that anyone can use.

TransLoc and Google will be using the Architect software.

“Google Maps is one of the most popular applications for transit information on the internet,” said TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman. “That said, it’s normally time and labour intensive for transit agencies to manage large volumes of real-time data for applications like Google Maps. This partnership allows transit agencies of all sizes to tap into big data and better understand community-based transit needs while increasing ridership. TransLoc is thrilled to work with Google to virtualise transportation, empower cities to make more informed decisions about transit services and to help make more transit information available to more people.”

Architect makes maintaining error-free public transit information simple for all agencies, while vastly improving access to public transit information for riders. It is a modern approach to an essential function of future-forward transit agencies. With more robust information, smart cities can harness Architect to develop community-based transit options such as on-demand microtransit services.

By delivering this accessible software, TransLoc hope to make public transit the first choice for all travellers and deliver the most convenient rider experience.

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