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Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger – now published! 

Posted by Luke Upton on Jan 27, 2017


Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger.jpgThere’s an old saying in the rail industry that ever since the first journey, passengers have only ever really wanted three things – the train to be on time, to find a seat and the ticket to be inexpensive. This is still true today, but the digital passenger of 2017 demands more. Much more. In a few short years, technologies that were a rare (and often costly) addition to a journey have shifted to being an essential and expected part of any trip. For rail and metro operators, this digital revolution offers a huge opportunity to boost ridership. But like all major changes, there can be problems and challenges along the way.

So to further help the industry take advantage of the opportunities that the demands of the digital passenger we have spoken to leading experts and practitioners from around the world from both rail companies, metros and solutions providers.

And the result is the 21st digital guide in our series - Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger – and we’d like to invite you to download it today!

Our 21st industry guide: Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger.


  • Editor’s Welcome
  • Five key technology trends shaping the journeys of the future. 
  • Choosing the right technologies to keep the digital passenger happy.
  • Research: How do rail passengers really feel about their journey?
  • How gamification of travel is aiming to boost ridership in Italy.
  • Germany set to “advance digitalisation and interconnection” with nationwide e-tickets.
  • Uber ties up North Carolina partnership to “eliminate transit deserts”.
  • MTA to deliver smart ticketing for smart New Yorkers.
  • The Last Word with David Block-Schachter, Chief Technology Office at the MBTA.
Download and read:  Keeping Pace with the Demands  of the Digital Passenger.

This digital guide wouldn’t have been possible with our guide sponsor LILEE SYSTEMS your global partner for total operational excellence. Founded in 2009 by industry leaders with extensive backgrounds in wireless communications, networking and software defined radio (SDR), LILEE is the rail industry’s leading innovator in solutions that deliver an integrated communications and controls network. We’d also like to thank our guide partner, COMLAB for lending their expertise to this publication, the Swiss company has been a specialist in high-frequency technology in the railways sector for 40 years. Thanks also to Passengera for their support. 

To learn more about how you can feature in our 2017 Digital Guides please click here.  

Topics: Passenger Information Systems

Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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