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‘Creating new revenue streams for rail and metro operators’ our latest industry guide is now published.

Posted by Luke Upton on Nov 23, 2017

New Revenue Streams - download now!.jpgSourcing additional revenue has never been more important for rail and metro operators. It is now an essential aspect of maintaining and growing networks as well as improving their offering to the passenger. This was brought into sharp focus this month with the level of detail that Amtrak put into its announcement of its latest financial data. They generated $3.2 billion in total revenue and $194 million in operating earnings. Additionally, the rail company achieved a new record for cost recovery, covering 94.7 percent of its operating costs with ticket sales and other revenues. They also detailed how their rewards program had grown and a partnership with Lyft had been developed.

The options for increasing revenue now include, new techniques in fare collection, increased commercialisation of the on-board experience, smarter advertising to passengers, a renewed focus on the station, partnerships with non-public transport companies, naming rights and much more. And it is these areas of growth that have led to us publishing, this our 27th industry guide.

For operators, these developments present the chance to gain much needed additional revenue to maintain and grow their operations as well as improving their offering to the passenger. In times of stretched budgets and diminished state supports, it is more important than ever. For solutions providers, these technologies offer a way to bring new platforms into the industry, gain new customers and develop their own revenue streams.

To help ensure the industry is able to take advantage of the evolution of these revenue opportunities our editorial team have spoken to a number of senior executives at rail and metro operators around the world and also sought contributions from some of the leading solutions providers in this sector.

Download: ‘Creating new revenue streams for rail and metro operators’

Chapter 1: Getting on Board with New Technology to Drive Business Growth.

Chapter 2: Five remarkable technologies breaking down the barriers of transport ticketing.

Chapter 3: Retails sales at train stations outstrip those on the High Street in the UK.

Chapter 4: RTA in Colorado: A transit leader in selling naming rights sponsorships.

Chapter 5: Eurostar unveils world’s first on-board virtual reality experience: ‘Eurostar Odyssey.

Chapter 6: The Last Word with... Shane Quinn, CEO, Vix Technology.

Download and read - Creating  New Revenue Streams for Rail  and Metro Operators. 

This digital guide wouldn’t have been possible without our partners ECR Retail Systems, LILEE Systems and Istanbul Rail Tech. If you would like to contribute to future features and publications, please e-mail

Topics: Passenger Information Systems, Ticketing

Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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