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Are industry collaborations the only way to deliver the on-board services that passengers deserve?

Posted by Emily O'Dowd on Jun 18, 2017

On-board passenger entertainment. (Photo courtesy of Teleste).When you travel by air, on-board entertainment is a standard part of the service. It’s something that airlines do best. Passengers are able to experience many extras as part of the service making it a lucrative choice to fly in place of using rail. With a growing number of passengers trying to connect with Wi-Fi on trains are often left disappointed with the service. So in order to deliver better levels of connectivity, many operators are taking a collaborative approach by investing in on-board infotainment solutions. Essentially, rail still has the potential to overtake much of an airline’s custom. With wi-fi on-board, comfort and ease, it should be the most preferred option of travel. Trying to move closer to this vision is Teleste and Alstom. The international technology group is specialised with broadband video and data communication systems and service and can offer the support to Alstom. The signed agreement aims to deploy Teleste’s on-board systems on 100 trains throughout the European transport market.  

"We are confident that we will be able to offer Alstom just what is needed to meet the transport operators’ and passengers’ expectations of modern travelling.”

The agreement continues the previous cooperation between Alstom and Teleste’s subsidiary Teleste Information Solutions (formerly called Mitron). Speaking about the agreement is Alstom’s Commodity Manager, Laurent Bacqué. “We are pleased to continue our previous cooperation with Teleste, whose technologies, operations, and delivery performance we have learnt to trust during the years.”

Teleste’s deliveries to Alstom include our on-board solutions with passenger information systems (PIS), CCTV, intercommunication and public address systems as well as TFT and LED displays from Teleste’s Mitron display family. Our solutions offer Alstom proven, high-quality technologies with easy adaptation to the evolving needs of transport operators and passengers.

"It is hoped that this agreement will “we need systems and technologies which enable easy access to information and flexible updates to changing service needs”, stated Bacqué.

Click here to get your free copy of the next generation of rail and metro wireless communications digital guideToday’s public transport passengers value punctuality, flexibility and high accessibility to services and information. Successful cooperation between Teleste and Alstom will bring ease and efficiency to travelling by allowing transport operators to provide their passengers with accurate, real-time travel information, available right when the passengers need it. In addition, the operators will be able to develop and adopt new, smart services that will improve travelling and create an attractive experience that keeps the passengers coming back.

“Our on-board solutions have been designed to let the passengers enjoy clear, visible and up-to-date information in every phase of their journey. We are confident that we will be able to offer Alstom just what is needed to meet the transport operators’ and passengers’ expectations of modern travelling”, shared Pekka Vänni, Director of On-board Solutions for Teleste.

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