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All aboard for gyms, relaxation pods and gaming areas as Deutsche Bahn unveils Idea Train.

Posted by Dave Songer on Nov 15, 2017

Deutsche Bahn's Idea Train promises to be the most relaxing train everThe morning commute could become a pleasure rather than a chore if Deutsche Bahn’s vision for rail travel becomes reality, with rigid traditional seating making way for exercise equipment and privacy pods.

Unveiled last week, the Idea Train concept from Deutsche Bahn has been developed by the German company to revolutionise rail travel by enabling passengers to make the most of their journey – a period of time that many regard as wasted time.

As reported by the German website Süddeutsche Zeitung, Deutsche Bahn's futuristic trains will be fitted out with everything that an active person needs – with fitness studios that feature fitness studios, exercise bikes and even professionally-trained coaches.

You can even cycle to work on the train with Deutsche Bahn's Idea Train

While for travellers looking to catch up with work before and after the office, there will be segregated areas that offer noise-cancelling chairs, built-in tablet stands that work well for business meetings and – for those who work better alone – also available are segregated areas that give complete peace and quiet.

The train, which will feature areas with gaming consoles and play areas, have been dreamt up to compete with the autonomous vehicles that look increasingly likely to be a feature of the world’s roads. Different from the car, however, the Idea Train aims to give those travelling in it the feeling of being in a living room.

Plenty of opportunity to work on the Deutsche Bahn Idea train

Deutsche Bahn has even taken into account the preferences of passengers who like to face in the direction of travel, with many of the seats on the Ideenzug (as it is called in German) able to be turned to face whichever direction is required.

Sadly, those looking for the ultimate commute will have to weait a little while longer as no details on when, or if, the train will arrive have been released.

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