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A very modern solution to a very old problem of counting passengers.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Aug 8, 2016

Density.jpgKeeping an accurate track of the number of passengers in particular carriages is a real challenge for operators. Knowing those numbers can improve planning, and offer a better user experience. Data is driving decision making when redeveloping stations. And already a number of rail companies are letting their passengers know that although their carriage is busy, another is quieter using data drawn from sensors. But it can be expensive and difficult to integrate and manage counting solutions. Today, we bring you news of a start-up, Density, that aims to offer a solution, and its work is right on trend in pricing and application with how an increasing array of solutions are being developed for our industry. The product, also called Density, is a people counter and an API contained in a small sensor that measures how busy a location is in real-time. Installing it above a doorway and you have access to real time traffic as well as historical foot traffic.

Density uses depth technology, computer vision, and an on-board quad-core processor to anonymously measure and manage entrances and exits through a door. The advanced technology is intelligent enough to handle complex human behaviour - group collisions, bi-directional movement, lines and lingering.

“Density has a lot of ambition for a product that does just one thing,” said Andrew Farah, Density’s CEO ( @andrewfarah ). “There are more doors in the world than there are humans. It’s a big opportunity to be able to help all sorts of people from all walks of life use their space better.”

Putting Public Transport at the Heart of Tomorrow's Smart Cities.

Built for stability and scale, Density’s API offers users the ability to query real-time capacity, historical people count, and door-by-door entrance data instantly and from anywhere in the world.

Density’s ( @densityio ) data is most useful in the context of other applications. With sensors installed, the Density API makes it possible for anyone to integrate people count into an app or website; feature or function; report or dashboard.

Density’s design is also conscientious. The sensor’s timeless look is a complement to any space and its physical simplicity affords users simple, self-installation anywhere. Density is a modern system intended to promote and protect your privacy. Sensors will not be able to determine age, gender or ethnicity. Density can be deployed into places a video camera cannot go - stadium bathrooms, churches, secure corporate offices, elementary schools, and dressing rooms. Users can finally rely on a system that doesn’t need to invade patron privacy to be useful.



Density also recently announced $4 million in Series A funding and secondary.  Josh Mohrer, Uber’s NYC general manager and a Density investor said, “Density will allow us to accurately understand foot traffic and occupancy at our support centers. The data we will receive is invaluable to better staffing and delivering the best service to our partners when they come in to visit.”  

Density has a unique Sensor-as-a-Service business model, the hardware is free. Instead, users pay a simple monthly or annual fee for access to the data each sensor generates. Sensors may be returned to Density to stop a user’s service. This feature affords short-term customers tremendous flexibility and long-term deployments lasting value. As its sensing technology improves, Density’s Sensor-as-a-Service model allows users access to the most up-to-date computing without an interruption of service. Users will be able to seamlessly swap out for Density’s latest hardware whenever the system evolves.

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