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Munich public transport agency the latest to embrace on-demand car sharing.

Posted by Luke Upton on May 24, 2018

Untitled design (14)-4The Munich Transport Company (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft or MVG), the municipally owned company responsible for operating public transport in the German city has joined the on-demand public transportation service. They are introducing the MVG IsarTiger, to bolster the existing public transport options which already include subways, trams, buses, MVG Rad and CarSharing. This next generation mobility project will begin its pilot in mid-June and is in effect, a ride-pooling service, where a journey can be requested on-demand by customers via an app on their smartphones.

Running in conjunction with pre-existing public transit offerings, MVG IsarTiger does not have scheduled routes or fixed timetables. Instead, the platform uses advanced algorithms and data to calculate the fastest and most efficient ride-pooling routes. The technology behind this on-demand public mobility program comes from Berlin-based travel connectivity specialists door2door.

“On-demand solutions give commuters the power to drive their personalized mobility options for the first time by allowing them to order tailored rides instead of having to follow a fixed timetable,” said Ingo Wortmann, chairman of the MVG Management Board. “The IsarTiger initiative will complement current city routes and assist in getting commuters from point A to B. MVG is excited to work with door2door to close the gaps that cannot be filled by traditional public transport, taking integrated mobility to a new level for the City of Munich.”

The new mobility offering is described as “convenient, safe and environmentally friendly” by MVG. The aim is to maximize the use of automotive vehicles within the city (most of which stand idle an average of 23 hours a day), and help Munich accelerate its long-term goals of having fewer cars on the roads and creating better quality of life for its citizens.

Download now - Who Owns Your Software and Data in a P3? Central to the decision to partner with door2door was their track record of advanced mobility solutions for key urban areas, including an on-demand public transportation pilot with the ADAC in Berlin, a collaboration with Brisa subsidiary Via Verde to create a holistic transportation platform in Lisbon, and a partnership with the DVG in Duisburg to launch the on-demand public transport system, myBus.

“door2door is thrilled to be cooperating with MVG to power Munich’s groundbreaking, on-demand public ride-sharing solution,” said Dr. Tom Kirschbaum ( @tomkirschbaum ) , co-founder and managing director of door2door. “Münchners will have smarter, more efficient commuting options, and the city will maintain its position as a leading global smart city transforming its mobility future. We are proud to be part of Munich’s mobility revolution.”

MVG’s new smart transportation system will include three stages — a closed launch in June 2018, which will be free for IsarCard subscribers who are pre-existing customers of MVG; a public launch in the Fall of 2018; followed by ongoing operations. The IsarTiger fleet will begin with approximately 20 Volkswagen caddies with space for six passengers each.

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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