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Mexico City Metro passes next stage of plan to provide Wi-Fi to 5.5m daily passengers.

Posted by Dave Songer on Feb 20, 2018

ATandT Mexico Wi-Fi.png“They’re going to have the same high-quality network, the same capabilities that they have on the surface.”

Having recently joined the list of cities around the world allowing metro passengers to be better connected, Mexico City Metro has introduced free passenger Wi-Fi on the third line of its network – part of an overall plan to connect 70% of the network by the end of 2018 and the entire metro in 2019.

The latest development, which provides internet access to around 700,000 passengers a day, comes one month after the technology company installing the system, AT&T, rolled out wireless internet on Line 7. When the capital’s three-year network-wide installation programme is complete and the internet system is fully operational it will connect the 5.5 million daily ridership with high-speed 4G LTE and Wi-Fi internet across its 195 stations and 12 lines.

AT&T (@ATT) has big plans for what is reported to be the fourth largest metro system in the world in North America’s most densely populated city. Once completed, the Metro network will also provide AT&T customers with 4G coverage across the entire system. Speaking at the time of the original announcement, AT&T’s chief technology officer in Mexico, Carlos Sanchez, said that the company was there to improve connections for the city’s inhabitants, many of whom use the network for up to two hours a day.

Download now - Digital Transformation “Today, the connections in the metro system are not very good or there’s no connection at all,” said Sanchez. “They’re going to have the same high-quality network, the same capabilities that they have on the surface. If you spend an hour in the subway every day, that hour – from a customer perception standpoint – is going to change dramatically.”

Since May 2017, nearly 1,000 AT&T employees and contractors have been installing the network equipment in the stations and tunnels.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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