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Train lost in desert for 8 years to finally make return journey.

Posted on Dec 3, 2014

Eqyptian_trainWe are all familiar with waiting for a delayed train. But spare a thought for anyone waiting for this train in Egypt which eight years after it went missing has been found in the country’s Western desert ending a lengthy mystery. The story begins when a line connecting the remote Western Desert to the Red Sea coast was opened in 1996. But the reality of running a railroad through a desert led to high maintenance and security costs and the railway was forced to close. This opportunity was seized upon my metal thieves who duly ripped up and stole over 150km leaving areas of the line isolated, and one particular German-made Henschel train with nowhere to go (Not pictured above, we couldn't find a picture of it sorry, though there is a video below). The train was last scheduled for a journey in 2006 but at some point on this line without track disappeared from the company’s inventory the Gulf News.


 Eqypt was one of the first nation’s in the world to develop a rail network, with the first line built in 1854 by one of the father's of railway develoment Robert Stephenson but has suffered recently with underinvestment and national strife. The ‘lost train’ was eventually found in Kharga station on the far west of the line. See the YouTube video filled by local residents and spotted by the Guardian above The plan is now to bring it back to Cairo, with a private haulage company securing a £2m tender to bring it (by lorry!) to the nation’s capital early next year.

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