A Practical Guide to Asset Management for Rail and Metro - published today!

A Practical Guide to Asset Management for Rail and Metro - published today!

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Due to huge interest in this area from our global community of readers we have today published 'A Practical Guide: Asset Management for Rail and Metro' and now offer you the first chance to download and read this free and exclusive publication. A full and accurate knowledge of all infrastructure assets, where they are located and what condition they are in, is now essential to effectively manage a modern rail or metro network. When asset management is executed effectively it can make a network more efficient, less costly to run and help keep disruption to a minimum. 

However, it is not always this simple. Obsolescence, outdated operating systems, database issues, a staff skills shortage are just some of the challenges that can limit efforts to develop asset management and fully maximise its potential. So to further support industry growth, for this practical guide, the 20th in our series, we have spoken to leading experts and practitioners from around the world from both transport agencies and solutions providers to help you improve, develop and maximise the potential of modern asset management solutions. Download it today and read it for free! 

'A Practical Guide: Asset Management for Rail and Metro' contents:


Chapter 1: Crossrail - delivering new industry standards for asset management on their mega project.

Chapter 2: The solution delivering greater control, efficiency and flexibility in control rooms around the world.

Chapter 3: The innovative asset management approach of WSP giving the Singapore’s MRT a new lease of life.

Chapter 4: HOW SNCF are innovating to ensure maintenance and surveillance of their railway network.

Chapter 5: Innovative technology to deliver highly efficient asset condition monitoring.

Chapter 6: How “augmented reality lite" is aiming to improve rail efficiency and maintenance in Boston.

Chapter 7: How BART Works: A Day in the lifr of their Richmond train maintenance shop.

Chapter 8: The Final Word: Carlos Esquíroz, Director of Engineering and Maintenance at Metro de Madrid.

Download A Practical Guide: Asset Management for Rail and Metro. 

This digital guide wouldn’t have been possible with our sponsor Willowglen Systems providers of turn-key industrial automation solutions to the transport industry. We’d also like to thank our guide partners the team at WSP which offers strategic consulting services for asset-intensive businesses, for giving us an exclusive look at their experience in Singapore and to Frauscher Sensor Technology for sharing some great insights into their work in this area.