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How linear asset management and spatial tools can help maintain PTC assets

Posted by Marcello Perricone on Aug 9, 2019

Brett KoenigPositive Train Control is an integral part of asset management talks these days, offering operators the ease-of-mind of an autonomous braking system that can avoid derailments, collisions, and wrongful track switches automatically. After 2020, all passenger intercity and commuter railroads in the United States will have an obligatory PTC system due to decree of the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), opening up the race for their implementation -- and introducing several new regulatory concerns for railroads to be mindful of.

To address that important topic, Brett Koenig, Industry Solutions Manager for Trapeze's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), will present a live webinar on August 28, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST about how linear asset management systems can help companies comply with FRA mandates and avoid unnecessary incidents. Brett has 17 years of experience implementing public transit and rail asset management systems, and has been involved with Trapeze solutions that are currently in use by over 80 public transit organisations in North America -- including Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Denver and Seattle -- making him a more than capable speaker to cover this important topic.

SmartTransit Congress, Boston, 2020

Titled Linear Asset Management: Spatial Tools To Maintain Your PTC Assets, the webinar will cover tools that can improve PTC asset maintenance, such as mobile GPS geographic information, and linear reference systems systems, and mobile GPS. With Trapeze's track record on delivering solutions and Brett's experience advising customers on industry trends such as State of Good Repair and MAP-21, this webinar will tell you all you need to know about how transit-focused EAM systems can yield real-world efficiencies and measurable cost savings.

Trapeze Webinar ad Aug 28 2019

If you would like to find out even more about PTC Asset Management or meet some of the top experts and decision makers in the field, join us right now at SmartTransit LA on October 28-30th!

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Marcello Perricone

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