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   Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger 

The SmartRail World editorial team are just about to begin work on their next digital guide - Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger - and are seeking a small number of contributors and partners to support the publication.  This will be the 21st in our popular series of digital guides, and is dedicated to bringing together leading experts from around the world to offer practical advice on how rail and metro operators can benefit from developing digital services offered to passengers.

About the content...

The typical expectations of a rail passenger have changed significantly in recent years. While the old certainties of the train being on time, the ticket being at a reasonable price and finding a seat remain, the digital passenger of 2017 demands more. Much more.


For the modern passenger, there’s a growing expectation that they can easily book the cheapest possible ticket online, which is then sent to their phone, will be alerted to any changes or delays to the service prior to arrival at the station, and then when on-board will be able to work or be entertained with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection on their own device. They may also like to take advantage of special offers sent directly to their phone and seamlessly book onwards travel, whether on other public transport, or using app based transport services like Uber.

Whilst for rail and metro operators, this digital revolution offers a huge opportunity to boost ridership – for example studies have proved that operators that offer Wi-Fi are viewed more positively than ones that don’t. An enhanced on-board passenger experience improves customer loyalty, and gives trains a stronger position against other forms of transport, in particular the car. Ticketing sales can be more dynamic and targeted and connect better to passengers. DigUrban_rail_and_metro.pngital platforms also offer exciting new commercial opportunities from innovative advertising to paid on-board content and services and fresh partnerships with tech companies.

Our editorial team are already speaking to senior executives at rail and metro operators around the world for insights into their work with the digital passenger, and these exclusive features will make up the focus of the guide. But we also have the opportunity to feature a small number contributions from the commercial innovators providing solutions to transit agencies and rail operators.

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Who reads these guides? 

This guide will be shared with our entire global community, including its 25,000+ members who work for rail companies and metro, rail and transit agencies giving your message a direct link to clients seeking to improve their digital connection with passengers. It will be featured on SmartRail World, the online home of rail and metro innovation for the full duration of 2017. And promoted extensively on our newsletters (sent to 32,000+ readers), across our very popular social media portfolio (18,000+ connections) and shared with our media partners. We guarantee a big audience.

Opportunities still available...

Guide sponsor - position yourself as the market leader, with editorial article (750-1000 words) delivering thought leadership, full page advert, branding on front page and in Editor’s Welcome, plus receiving the details (including full contact information) of the first 200 (opted-in) downloaders of the guide giving your sales team a great start to 2017.  Editorial article also published on SmartRail World. Discount available on further leads. 1 Available.

Guide Partner - with editorial article (750-1000 words), branding and recognition in Editor’s welcome, receiving the details (including full contact information) of the first 200 (opted-in) downloaders. Editorial article also published on SmartRail World. Discount available on further leads. 1 Available.

Editorial Contributor (guide + website) - Feature / Headline Interview / Case Study (750-1000 words) in the digital guide and also published on SmartRail World. 1 of each Available

Editorial Contributor (guide) - Feature / Headline Interview / Case Study (750-1000 words) in the digital guide  1 of each Available 

Advertising partner – an interactive advert with clickable links, so readers can connect straight to your website Full Page (2 available) Half Page (4 available).

Deadline for Content and Adverts: Friday 13th January 2017.

Publication date: Week commencing Monday 23rd January 2017.

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