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The international partnership delivering passenger Wi-Fi to the St. Petersburg Metro.

Posted by Luke Upton on Jun 13, 2017

Fluidmesh - St. Petersburg #2.jpgThe St. Petersburg Metro is famous for two things, its exquisite decorations and station artwork that make it one of the most attractive and unique ever built. And due to the city's unique geology, the Metro is one of the deepest metro systems in the world. Its Admiralteyskaya station, is the deepest subway station in Russia and at 86 metres below ground, among the five deepest metro stations in the world. The network operates trains over six lines and 67 stations, with an annual ridership in excess of 750 million passengers making it the 19th busiest metro system in the world. As of May this year, the metro has another aspect to be proud of – being one of the few metros in the world where its passengers are now able to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity whilst on-board. Today we get an exclusive insight into this project, which was delivered thanks to a fantastic partnership between Maxima Telecom, Fluidmesh and Cisco.

Maxima Telecom, among the largest global telecommunication providers who specialize in passengers’ connectivity, brought their expertise from the Russian capital Moscow to the project in St. Petersburg. In partnership with Moscow Metro, Maxima has been successfully operating the largest passengers connectivity system in in the world, connecting their 9.7 million daily passengers.

In 2016 St. Petersburg Metro awarded to Maxima Telecom the project to provide on board Wi-Fi connectivity for the entire metro network in St. Petersburg. For this new project, Maxima selected Fluidmesh train-to-ground wireless technology and Cisco on-board Wi-Fi access points to deliver up to 500 Mbit/sec to the passengers on the move in St. Petersburg.  

“With its latest product line, Fluidmesh reached performance levels that are hard to beat. We have been impressed by the zero-millisecond hand-over that Fluidmesh demonstrated in complex tunnel scenarios, leveraging their patented protocols.” comments Mikhail Minkovskiy, Maxima CTO “In St. Petersburg with Fluidmesh we are looking for delivering average throughput that is several times the one we have been able to deliver in the past in other cities.”

Fluidmesh - St. Petersburg #1.jpg“We appreciated Fluidmesh customer support capabilities and total commitment to the success of the project” adds Oleg Kopitsyn ( @kopitsyn ) Maxima Deputy CEO “In Maxima’s Wi-Fi monetization strategy every Mbit per second of throughput means additional revenues. Fluidmesh showed us a way to improve our business metrics leveraging their patented wireless technology.“

“Maxima has a unique expertise in running train connectivity networks and is a global leader and an innovator in monetizing passengers’ Wi-Fi” comments Umberto Malesci ( @umbertomalesci ) Fluidmesh CEO and co-founder “Maxima’s decision confirms Fluidmesh’s leadership in train to ground wireless connectivity. One more time Fluidmesh MPLS-based wireless technology proved to deliver superior performances revolutionizing passengers’ experience”.

The first line in St. Petersburg is already equipped with Fluidmesh radio devices and it went live providing Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers on May 30, 2017. The entire system including all the other St. Petersburg lines is expected to go live by the end of the summer.

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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