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The key to unlocking hidden efficiencies in rail workforce planning.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Nov 4, 2015

Quintiq_TrainingIn an industry that so often sees technological developments prioritised, rail workforce planning  can sometimes be seen to be a secondary concern. Yet the strategic planning of crew and maintenance staff is fundamental to the execution of safety sensitive railroad duties and efficient operations. SmartRail World is proud to be working with Quintiq to offer you a free online program created to help rail companies get on the fast track to unlocking hidden efficiency in their rail workforce.

What benefit can strategic workforce planning have on rail operations? Rail operators require integrated planning technology that takes into account both medium and long-term demand. The deployment of optimization technology can remove a lot of the guesswork for rail operators when it comes to putting crew schedules together, and ensure that plans maximize business goals, while also making it easier to manage disruptions. With network and rail planning increasingly complex, situations now need intelligent scheduling technology that takes into account all relevant constraints for example labor union rules, diverse skillsets and needs and timetables.

1445830325_rail-course-ad-banners-V2-250x250pxQuite simply, taking a more strategic approach to the planning of rail crew can mean the difference between profit and loss, efficiency and waste. Quintiq, who have helped solve complex planning challenges in a number of transportation organizations, from crew and consist planning to maintenance and timetabling. They’ve seen the difference that integrated planning and scheduling can have on operational efficiency.

I asked Daniel Crown, Business Unit Director for Quintiq’s North American workforce group, what he has seen workforce planning delivering for their customers in the rail space; “We’ve found that many rail companies are still using spreadsheets or whiteboards to schedule their crews, which leads to inefficiency and frequent violations of labor rules specific to their environments. By using an integrated approach to crew planning our customers are better able to align their schedules with service demand, while complying with the unique rules, shift preferences, and labor constraints that need to be accounted for.”

Quintiq has worked with top rail planners and consultants to develop a digital course featuring research-driven strategies to help plan your crews for maximum efficiency, while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Join this free online course to learn:

  • The four stages of workforce planning maturity
  • Best practices: Optimal crew planning and overcoming disruptions
  • How one top rail operator is using integrated workforce planning to maximize efficiency

Get on the fast track to optimal rail workforce planning by clicking here


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