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The benefits of wireless connectivity for the transportation industry – new White Paper.

Posted by Luke Upton on Feb 13, 2018

A page graphic from - The benefits of wireless connectivity for the transportation industry – new White Paper from KontronThere are many that consider the era we live in now, to be experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If the First used water and steam power to mechanize production, the Second harnessed electric power to create mass production, the Third deployed electronics and information technology to automate production and now the Fourth is building upon this, with a digital change that has been underway since the middle of the last century. The rail industry has been a part of all four of these revolutions. And at the heart of this current revolution is the ongoing development of the Internet of Things (IoT). To improve passenger experience it has the ability to reduce delays and out-of-service time by turning reactive maintenance into a predictive mode. Whilst freight rail can benefit as well from IoT technologies, in gaining abilities to check appropriate conditions during the journey, monitor of the location of carriage, lowering the cost and reducing the time taken on operations, thanks to comprehensive fleet supervision.

Today SmartRail World is partnering with industry leader Kontron to bring you an exclusive free White Paper on the benefits of wireless connectivity for the transportation industry.

The benefits of wireless connectivity for the transportation industry – new White Paper from Kontron.

This fourth industrial, or digital revolution, has changed the way we use and implement connected systems and devices on rail and metro transportation . It is now possible to seamlessly connect devices, related gateways/servers and passengers even when travelling. All market studies addressing IoT foresee a dramatic growth both for passengers and professional applications, thanks to the huge amount of data gathered on-line on these connected systems.

Using data analytics in real time helps to solve complex logistic services in the field of asset management, preventive maintenance, passenger information, passenger experience, security improvement, energy saving, finally improving travel security and reliability.

Download the free White Paper for free today to learn:

  • The promise of IoT in transportation
  • General context of IoT today
  • Moving forward with IoT in public transportation
  • LPWAN for transportation
  • Challenges using a LPWAN in transportation
  • Why adopt LoRaWAN TM technology?
  • Cyber security aspects
  • Freight transport application
  • And much more…

Download now! 

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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