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Smart CCTV to automatically detect risky situations on Sydney Rail Network.

Posted by Luke Upton on Dec 17, 2015

1Waratah_Sydney-TrainsSydney Trains, the operator of all suburban passenger rail services in Sydney Australia, has awarded Indra a contract for AUD$69.9m (around 48m) to modernize the network’s video surveillance system. Sydney is Australia’s largest most populated urban centre, and serves an annual ridership of almost 300 million passengers. The contract awarded to Indra, the Spanish information technology giant, followed an international tender in which over 30 companies from around the world participated, has a 5-year execution period and includes 3 years of maintenance. Indra will fully equip two control centres, implement its most advanced management software and complement the communications network to which 11,000 new IP cameras will be connected. The smart CCTV solution allows for viewing each camera's images in real time from any computer, tablet or cell-phone connected to the network, increasing security in stations to benefit over one million daily users of commuter trains.

Indra will replace the current 11,400 analog cameras with IP cameras that will be connected to the existing trunk communications network through a new network to be deployed in the stations and will also supply the servers and storage devices for recording images during the period stipulated by the client. The new video surveillance system will include all of the advantages of IP (Internet Protocol) technology, given that by connecting directly to the cameras of the Sydney Trains computer network, any user station may operate as a control console for visualizing the images of any camera in real time and for recovering video recordings. Mobile devices connected to the network may also access video. Likewise, any tablet or cell-phone may become a mobile console with which patrolling security employees may view images, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

The software that Indra will deploy in the project will include algorithms that continuously analyze the station camera images to automatically detect situations implying a potential risk, like a traveler falling onto the rails or the entry of unauthorized persons in tunnels, amongst others. The system also automatically generates alarms, allowing for the immediate implementation of appropriate measures, and thereby reducing response times.

In addition to its modern video platform and the inclusion of new, more powerful functions, the Indra solution facilitates the video surveillance system's expansion, something that is currently impossible due to the limitations inherent to analog technology. On another hand, access to video using mobile devices provides the client greater flexibility for managing its resources, and the use of megapixel cameras entails a major improvement of video image quality.

SafeRail 2016 In a time of increased security on global rail and metro networks all of this will result in increased security in stations to the benefit of the over one million commuters using the Sydney Rail network daily. Sydney Trains already operates a 24/7 security control centre with communication links to transport officers, police and emergency services. In addition to the cameras, more than 750 Emergency Help Points have been installed on the Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity networks, with at least one at each station and if you press an Emergency Help Point on any station platform, you're visible on live CCTV and can get assistance from a trained Sydney Trains operator.


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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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