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New Delhi railway station set to be India’s first to offer free WiFi.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jul 31, 2013

480New_Delhi_railway_station_boardThe second busiest railway station in India, New Delhi, will be the first in the country to offer free WiFi connectivity to all passengers. Previously the only transport hubs to offer this service within the sub-continents were its airports. With New Delhi station handling over 300 trains across 16 platforms, it’s sure to be a popular service for its 500,000 daily passengers...

The development of WiFi network at the New Delhi railway station is according to local media sources set to cost the Railway Ministry around 80,000,000INR (860,000GBP / 1,300,000USD) and is part of a campaign to ensure the station has “world class” status similar to major international airports. To view the tender document click here.

Speaking at the announcement a railway official confirmed the the process for making the station WiFi enabled has already been started. “Tenders were invited for equipping New Delhi railway station with WiFi, after which a Mumbai-based company has been assigned the job. We expect the work to be completed in three to four months. It would be a free service and we are eagerly waiting for the project to be completed soon.”

The station is also planning to replace the information kiosks with tablets. These tablets will also offer information about the train position, expected arrival times and other information which the passengers may need for their journey. "We are exploring to mount tablets on walls at certain places in the station for the benefit of passengers. The tablets will be equipped to disseminate information about the train position, expected arrival time and other relevant data required by the passenger," a railway official added.If the WiFi network proves popular which in a country of wide-spread internet use its expected to begin a roll-out of free WiFi across stations nationwide.

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