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Learn what the next generation of rail and metro wireless communications can deliver with our 24th industry guide.

Posted by Luke Upton on May 30, 2017

The next generation of rail and metro wireless communications - digital guide.pngWe are delighted to publish our 24th industry guide, which has a focus on an area that we know is very important to our readers - how the next generation of wireless communications are helping train and metro operators overcome some of their key challenges. Our focus includes delivering passenger Wi-Fi and connectivity, ensuring passenger safety and security, moving communications from voice and traditional train control services to high data rate services, mastering bandwidth intensive passenger services such as on-board and wayside HD video surveillance, real-time high data rate services and video streaming.

To develop innovations that match the growth of the industry, train and metro operators are putting in place a new generation of broadband telecommunication networks, using a variety of wireless technologies and models for their deployment. To find out more we have enlisted a host of industry experts from railways, metro and solutions providers. Download this free guide today and gain some significant insights into what can be achieved in this exciting sector. 

Download and read for free: The next generation of rail and metro wireless communications.

Chapter 1: Gaining the trust and building the models to deliver and pay for the connected metro.

Chapter 2: Inside story on how non-stop connectivity was delivered to riders on the New York Subway.

Chapter 3: The international partnership aiming to make the ‘connected train’ a reality.

Chapter 4: Google’s unique partnership delivering passenger Wi-Fi to 400 Indian rail stations and millions of users.

Chapter 5: Washington DC Metro announces wireless voice and data service activation with Wi-Fi service coming to 30 stations by end of 2017.

Chapter 6: Nokia successfully installs communications network on Malaysia’s first rapid transit line.

Chapter 7: The Last Word with ... Peter Guy, Group Business Continuity Manager at Network Rail.

And much more…

Click here to get your free copy of the next generation of rail and metro wireless communications digital guide


This guide wouldn't have been possible without the support of its sponsor, BAI Communications, who design, build and operate highly available communications networks for customers around the world. Thanks also to our supporters, ALE, Kontron and LILEE Systems 

A big thank you also to the railways and metros that have supported this edition with their insights. 

Our next digital guide is: Tracks into the Future: Digital Signalling and Train Control (publication date Monday 26th June) - contact us today if you'd like to feature. 

Topics: Telecommunications

Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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