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Free e-book: 'Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance'.

Posted by Luke Upton on Mar 1, 2016

Free e-book: 'Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance' (SmartRail World)Rail organizations rely on IT more than they know. Almost every initiative and commitment made, whether related to projects, operations, the passenger or finance requires IT. While some of the key forces behind the IT revolution are universal, the impact on our industry is unique.

In its 16th e-book SmartRail World focuses on these innovations and rapid changes that have taken effect by speaking to the industry leaders and those involved in the projects at the cutting edge of rail and metro.

 'Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance' explores developments that once would have been viewed as impossible but have now begun to change the way the industry deals with operations, production and safety. This editorially focussed book also features contributions from industry experts at Axinom, Worldline amongst others.

And the themes and some of the contributors of this e-book are a big feature of SmartRail Europe (19-20 April 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands). IT is at the heart of the event. This congress puts the diverse potential of information and data at the forefront of discussion and experts from across the continent uncover the potential to cut costs, develop asset management strategies, improve service and customer satisfaction plus much more.

Stockholm rail big data (Free e-book: 'Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance'.)It is completely free for railways, metros and governments to attend and is the perfect showcase for companies working in this sector. It’s an event not to be missed, further details are found in the final chapter of this free e-book.

Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance contents:

Editor’s Welcome & Contents

Chapter 1:  Six key technology trends shaping the future of rail and metro

Chapter 2:  Swedish trains to use Big Data to predict and prevent future delays.

Chapter 3:  Keeping 21st century rail passengers connected

Chapter 4:  How virtual manufacturing is quickening production and lowering costs.

Chapter 5:  Expert View: Smart Plan + Smart Resource + Smart Journey = Smart Rail.

Chapter 6:  Beacons and apps ally to assist the vision impaired navigate stations.

Chapter 7: The Internet of Trains – the real IoT?

Chapter 8: SmartRail Europe: Editor’s Preview.

Download now :  Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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