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White Paper: Smarter testing to ensure software bugs don't cause major rail and metro problems.

Posted by Luke Upton on Jun 21, 2017

Ansys White Paper - Ensuring software bugs don't cause major problems for your rail and metro network."...every 1,000 lines of embedded software contain eight bugs."

The Internet of Things and the abundance of smart applications have significantly increased the need for embedded software with the rail and metro industry. When validating and verifying this embedded software, test engineers face a number of difficult challenges. Test creation and maintenance, together with execution and coverage analysis, are time-intensive activities, often involving a great deal of manual work. In addition, software testing efforts performed late in the development stage generate expensive design rework. In some cases, software requirements are inadequate (or even incomplete) to meet user needs. Software design can be insufficiently documented, and test execution infrastructure must adapt to a variety of hardware targets. But by the end of the process, from a mission-critical standpoint, there should be no software errors in the final product. This exclusive White Paper from the experts at Ansys, presents how an integrated model-based testing solution can help test rail and metro engineers to reduce testing costs, speed certifications, and bring their products to market faster…

Some numbers for you to consider:

  • Nearly 400,000 software and system engineers work in the oil and gas industry.
  • In the energy and nuclear sectors, software-based instrumentation and controls have become state of the art.
  • The aerospace industry has witnessed a 500 percent increase in source lines of code over the past decade. 
  • There are 10 million software lines of code in modern vehicles.

Research from Ansys has found that industry leaders claim that every 1,000 lines of embedded software contain eight bugs. To manage this quality risk, as well as meet tighter standards for software certification and shorter development cycles, embedded software engineers need to leverage the best software testing tools and certified code generators. Download and read the free White Paper here now.

White Paper:  An Integrated Solution to Reduce  Embedded Code Testing Costs

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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