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CBTC, driverless trains and onboard WiFi planned for showpiece Indian Rail Project.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Aug 12, 2013

480MEGA Work in ProgressHugely ambitious plans announced for the Metro-link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) in India announced this week reveal significant use of the latest train technology and an aim for record headway times.
Budgeted to come in at Rs19,000 crore and run five lines calling at 49 stations in the Gujarati region the MetroLink will be adopting CBTC technology with the aim of offering minimum waiting times and maximum speeds when it becomes fully operational in 2017. It is hoped the CBTC technology will offer train commuters a headway of 90 seconds which officials claim is the shortest in the world. Other Metro projects in India have headway of at least 180 seconds...
MEGA will also be the first Metro company to adopt the driver-less train technology in India. In addition, MEGA has secured approval for the usage of broad-gauge tracks for the Metro which will translate into larger size of its rolling stock. Each bogie (Indian English for a railway carriage) will have a capacity of 400 passengers compared to the average 250, in other Metro projects in the subcontinent.

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For the passengers’ safety, MEGA will install safety glass panels on the platform (Platform Screen Door/Gates) and faster circulation of passengers will make the journey a comfortable experience for its commuters. This will prevent accidental falls off the platform onto the track area because of restricted access to the tracks and tunnels area. Platform screen doors will improve climate control within the station and also improve the sound quality of the platform announcements and dissemination of passenger information.
MEGA will also provide a high speed WiFi Internet services on the go which is viewed as an increasingly important and expected aspect of passenger experience on railways.
The MEGA project will be a hugely exciting project for our industry and one which appears to be showcasing all the latest technological and passenger orientated developments. Watch this space!
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