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15 speaker insights from Day One of SmartRail Europe 2016

Posted by Luke Upton on Apr 19, 2016

SMEPic-1.jpgToday SmartRail World reports to you live from the first day of SmartRail Europe in Amsterdam which is just about to come to an end. And we are delighted to give you a little flavour of the day with some speaker highlights from amongst others NS, Trafikverket, ProRail and more. For those of you on Twitter also take a look at the hashtag #SmartRail which has been very busy today and our account @SmartRailWorld for more news and links from today. If you can make it tomorrow is going to be another excellent day, and it’s free for metros, railways and government so come on down – registration opens at 8.30am and you can sign up here

“10 years ago no one wanted to open a business at a rail station. Until 10 years ago passengers only wanted to get out of them as quick as possible. We have turned stations round and retuned them to the people.” - Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS

“Organisations that actively pursue tactical and strategic connections out perform companies that don’t.” - Chris Denison, CEO and Co-Founder Formula Rail

“Start with the customer, not the technology.” -  David Clark, Technical Director, Railway Industry Association.

“You need to increase management flexibility in order to use further the power of innovation.” - Stefan Engdahl, Executive Director – Marketing and Planning, Trafikverket

“How does the rail industry survive transition? Rail cannot afford to sit still. The world of the railways is traditionally rather sluggish. A sense of urgency when it comes to innovation seems to be lacking. Can take a leaf out of automation.” - Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS

“The bike is the best friend of the railways here in the Netherlands.” - Chris Verstegen, Chief Innovation Officer, ProRail

“Lots of trains have data locked up, and it can’t be unlocked. And this is a fundamental problem.” – Jay Saw, Commercial Director, Nomad Digital

SmartRail Speaker Interview: Gottfried Eymer, CEO, DB Cargo Scandinavia.

“Ingredients for a nice future: 1. Start with customer experience. 2. Embrace new technology.  3. Move from talking testing.” -  Chris Verstegen, Chief Innovation Officer, ProRail

 “I expect the next two to three years to be devoted to improving intermodal conditions in Europe.” - Libor Lochman, Executive Director, CER

“The easiest way to increase capacity is to shorten the certification time” - Arne Boralv, Chief Executive Officer, Prover Technology

SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2016 Winners Announced

"It is true, the Wi-Fi network on the Moscow Metro is so good, that people have been known to come onboard, travel 30 minutes on the circle line, download three movies, then step off." - Sergey Aslanyan, Chairman Maxima Telecom

Check back tomorrow for Speaker Insights from Day 2! 

SmartRail Europe 2016

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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