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International Rail News Roundup (6th November 2015)

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Nov 6, 2015

Tronoto Crosstown LRT

In this week’s International Rail News Roundup explores continuing rail safety problems in the USA, takes a look at China and Britain’s potential partnership on HS2, see how Crosslinx have signed onto Crosstown LRT, hear about Hitachi’s acquisition of Ansaldo, and take a sneak peak at Eurostar’s new trains and see Alstom refocus entirely on rail. This week’s video of the week also takes a look at Alstom’s return to its roots in rail…

Metro Projects: Crosslinx signs C$9.1bn contract to build Toronto's Crosstown LRT (Railway Technology)

This week Crosslinx Transit Solutions signed a $9.1 billion contract with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx. The contract is for the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (Crosstown LRT) project in Canada. Crosslinx will be involved in the design, building, financing and maintenance of the project. The 19km of LRT is expected to be completed in 2021 and is hoped to generate 2,500 new jobs during its construction.

High-Speed Rail: China Eyes British High-Speed Rail Contract as Latest in Global Push (NBC News)

This week China’s President, Xi Jinping, visited London as part of a four day state visit, all while bidding for Britain’s High-Speed 2 (HS2) project gets underway. Bidding for HS2, connecting London with the North, opened at $18 billion in China in October. George Osborn has highlighted the project as something of a “golden era of cooperation" between China and Britain. The cost of rail projects in China amount to one-third of those in other countries, they have built masses of track at  low costs and it is hoped they can do the same for HS2.

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Rolling Stock: Hitachi completes Ansaldo deal (Railway Gazette)

On 2nd November Hitachi announced that they were to acquire Ansaldo and Finmeccanica’s 40% share in them. Finmeccanica stated that Hitachi would be Ansaldo’s best chance at long term success in the transportation industry. Mauro Moretti, Finmeccanica CEO said of the deal: ‘with the sale of the Transportation business, Finmeccanica becomes a pure aerospace, defence and security player... I am sure that both Ansaldo Breda and Ansaldo STS will play a key role in the future development of the Hitachi Rail business worldwide.’

High-Speed Rail: A sneak peek on-board the new Eurostar train; the e320 (SmartRail World)

At the end of the year Eurostar will send its first new trains in 20 years into service. The new trains, designed by Italian design house Pininfarina, come with fresh new livery and unique features alongside several eco-friendly upgrades. Seventeen of the new trains have been engineered especially for Eurostar by Siemens. Built to a bespoke specification, they're compatible with the entire European high speed rail network, offering greater potential for further travel across Europe.

Rail Safety: CA: Sacramento Light Rail Forced to Slow Trains After Two Pedestrian Deaths (Mass Transit)

In the last two years, the deaths of Steven Lofton and Yong Sin Day have happened in Sacramento’s stations at the hands of Regional Transit (RT) trains. Tests concluded that both deaths were caused by trains entering the flat level station at speeds of up to 35mph, and that RT had no set speed limit for its trains as they approach stations. As a result of these findings California Public Utilities Commission have ordered RT to slow their trains, and have argued for open stations to be modified.

Rolling Stock: 100% refocus on rail for Alstom as €12.4bn energy division sold to GE (SmartRail World)

With the sale of its energy activities division to General Electric now completed, Alstom have confirmed they are now entirely refocused on rail transport. Having received €12.4 billion for the sale of its energy division, €700 million of this will be used to acquire GE’s signalling activities. This transaction will bring in 1,200 new rail employees and open the US signalling freight market to Alstom. With this strengthening of its business in North America, the French giant now holds a significant presence on all continents along with a record order book.

Rail Video of the Week: Alstom, A Date With The Future


What is the International Rail News Roundup? There’s never a shortage of global rail news stories, but keeping track of those launches, announcements, innovations, take-overs and developments that are crucial to your business can be a challenge. So the team here at SmartRail World bring you a regular Friday roundup of some stories you may have missed from both SmartRail World and global media sources.For the latest news, as it happens subscriber for free to SmartRail World.


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