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Interactive new 360° video lets you explore Crossrail tunnels.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Sep 1, 2015

Crossrail_TunnelA new interactive video from the team working on the Crossrail mega project in London gives us a unique opportunity to explore Crossrail’s recently completed tunnels 40 metres beneath the city. The interactive 360° video was shot from the front of one of Crossrail’s construction locomotives as it journeyed from Stepney Green cavern to Farringdon. The construction locomotives are used to carry people and materials through the tunnels.

This unusual video offers the viewer the opportunity to move the screen to look back at the driver or around the tunnels, cross passages and enlarged platform tunnels at Whitechapel and Liverpool Street Crossrail stations.

(Watch the below Crossrail tunnels video on the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on desktop or laptop and use your mouse or the control panel in the top left hand corner to scroll around the image.  On mobile or tablet devices, use the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS and scroll around the video using your touch screen, or by moving the device left, right, up or down.)

The video shows the completed tunnels, shortly before work to install the railway began.

Crossrail tunnelling completed in May 2015 - eight 1,000 tonne tunnelling machines spent three years creating 42km or 26 miles of new 6.2 metre diameter rail tunnels under London. The tunnels weave their way between existing underground lines, sewers, utility tunnels and building foundations from station to station at depths of up to 42 metres.

Crossrail construction commenced in 2009 at Canary Wharf and is now over 65% complete. Services through central London will commence in 2018.

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