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BAI Communications

Bai Communications logo.jpgBAI Communications (BAI) is a global infrastructure owner and operator. BAI funds, designs, builds and operates high-quality communications networks including cellular, Wi-Fi, television and radio broadcasting. BAI has operations in the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Australia, designing and managing communications networks that are keeping people connected.

In New York City, through its majority owned company Transit Wireless, and in Toronto, BAI provides Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage to more than 6 million of subway riders daily. In Boston, BAI is building a wireless fibre optic communications network along 650 kilometres of train tracks to bring Wi-Fi, cellular, and high capacity broadband to commuters.

In Hong Kong, the rail network is now capable of delivering the highest quality cellular data globally thanks to BAI’s expertise in the design and technology needed for connectivity in confined and complex transit systems.

In Australia, through its company Broadcast Australia, BAI owns and operates one of the most extensive transmission networks in the world, delivering 59 million of broadcasting hours to 99% of the population. In times of natural disasters, national broadcasters rely on Broadcast Australia to maintain the connection with Australians – rain, hail or cyclone.

Website: www.baicommunications.com

Twitter: @BAIComms

LinkedIn: http://baicom.ms/LinkedIn

YouTube: http://baicom.ms/youtube


Luceor_logoSCREEN.jpgLuceor is the pioneering developer of the WiMesh network technology which is now widely used to deploy high-performance and highly resilient wireless network infrastructures.

Our WiMesh rail solution is designed for you to build your own mobile network and save on recurring fees. It connects trains, tramways, metros or any vehicle to the ground at broadband speed with no packet loss during handoffs even at 350km/h (220mph). With instant handoffs, only 2ms latency and up to 200Mbps throughput, a WiMesh network paves the way for new applications such as on board Wi-Fi, live CCTV streaming, broadband CBTC or VoIP so you can transform the travel experience.

Luceor’s WiMesh networks does not require any government licences and can be easily installed on existing poles and inside tunnels. Our MeshTool Suite software makes radio planning and network management ultra-easy. No mobility controller is required, so there is no single point of failure. Our patented self-healing algorithms enable each vehicle to relay traffic of others to solve the hidden train issue and guarantee quality connectivity in any situation. And because it is your own network, a WiMesh infrastructure offers huge cost savings compared to cellular technologies.

In fact, a Luceor WiMesh network is the most efficient option for deploying a high-performance train-to-ground communication infrastructure. Many public transport authorities are already deploying their own WiMesh network to replace or complement 4G or WiFi-based infrastructures. Contact us today for more information. Visit www.luceor.com.

Website: www.luceor.com

LILEE Systems

lilee.jpgLILEE Systems, named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies, provides advanced mobile connectivity and cloud-based network solutions. In a radically connected world, we help businesses harness the potential of big data to run leaner, faster and safer; we help transit agencies and operators offer new and exciting revenue generating services. LILEE delivers integrated, open, and reliable industrial IoT wireless and wired connectivity solutions incorporating hardware, software, and services. We are improving operating efficiency and reducing costs in the smart transportation industry. LILEE is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Taipei and Amsterdam. Visit lileesystems.com to learn more about our communications solutions.

Website: www.lileesystems.com

Twitter: @lileesystems

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lilee-systems


6da7bf91-2342-4262-aec0-ce74bf033ddf-image_upload-Logo-Railnova-Large.pngRailnova provides IoT and fleet management solutions for railway fleets. Railnova enables fleet operators to avoid in-line failures and increase availability, reduce the preventive maintenance cost and digitalise the entire fleet management workflow.

With Railnova, Fleet operators can safely access real-time asset data from their assets, confirm diagnostics in the cloud via rule-based or machine-learning alerts, and dispatch digital work orders to their various internal ERP and MMS systems or subcontractor workflows using one unified Railway IoT platform.

Railnova brings data access and rail fleet management into the internet age: the multi-company Railfleet software fills the gap between asset data and maintenance management systems. Operators, maintainers and lessors can efficiently manage their mixed fleets online, turn asset data into predictive alerts and condition-based maintenance orders, and automate ECM day-to-day management. The Railfleet open APIs enable clients to push work orders to their existing maintenance management systems or their external partner systems.

Website: www.railnova.eu

Twitter: @railnova

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/railnova


BELDEN_wTag_RGB_(2).jpgWe work closely with all the leading players in the transportation market: operators, manufacturers and system integrators. In a sector where security and availability are critical, we offer innovative products, ranging from Hirschmann™ industrial switches and active devices to Belden® cabling, connectivity and cable management products. Through a seamless, secure and scalable industrial Ethernet infrastructure, transport companies are equipped to revolutionize their operations and achieve improved efficiency, productivity and agility. This portfolio is combined with an unmatched range of services, from engineering to maintenance. Customers throughout the industry rely on Belden to provide a range of solutions that meet their most advanced requirements.

Website: www.belden.com

Twitter: @BeldenIND

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