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Ansaldo STS

asts_Hitachi_min.jpgAnsaldo STS is an undisputed expert and leading reference of the global rail industry.  Ansaldo STS designs, manufactures, and implements signalling systems and integrated mobility solutions for the management and control of new and upgraded rail networks for the transportation of passengers and freight. It acts as a lead contractor and turnkey provider regardless of the project size and complexity. For over 150 years, Ansaldo STS has contributed to building a sustainable and reliable global rail industry by implementing cutting edge technologies that ease urban mobility and meet the challenges of today’s population and cities’ rapid growth:

• Satellite positioning technology for safer and more accurate rail traffic Management.
• ERTMS/ETCS solutions combined with High Speed Rail, Conventional lines or Heavy Haul technologies for safer and interoperable networks.
• Driverless and CBTC solutions to improve operational efficiency and flexibility and reduce operation and maintenance costs of metro networks.
• Catenary free technology (TramWave®) tailored for tramways to preserve the environment and reduce visual impact in historical city centres.
• Broad product portfolio related to overall signalling systems, subsystems and integrated solutions.

That’s how Ansaldo STS moves the rail industry forward, that’s how we connect pieces of your day to day life. For more information www.ansaldo-sts.com

Twitter: @AnsaldoSTS Facebook: Company community. LinkedIn: Company page. 


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